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For non-profit organizations looking to increase donations, one key element to improving response rates is data-driven, highly personalized, full-color printed direct mail campaigns that target products with pinpoint precision. Today, fundraising is a billion-dollar-a-year industry that constitutes one seventh of the nation’s economy. Of those funds, nearly seventy five percent come from individuals like us. The best way to increase fundraising results is by partnering with an expert in non-profit direct marketing—specifically, a nationally recognized company that is rewriting the rules of fundraising. At One to One Group we are committed to raising our clients more money by engaging their constituents in more productive and lucrative ways.

We empower our non-profit clients to speak with their donors personally—knowing full well that different donors have a variety of needs and levels of affinity.

We bring a strong commitment to planning and creativity and believe it is the first step to any successful development campaign.

Rather than just design and produce full-color, fancy direct mail appeals, we focus our attention on increasing fundraising revenue for our clients through in-depth data analysis, population segmentation, and a creatively built and compelling case for support. The goals our clients establish for their campaigns are achieved through the skillful blending of variable direct mail, customized email, individualized websites and pURLS.

One to One Group is a collaborative of development professionals (located in Florida and Massachusetts) with a lifetime track record of professional and personal achievement, that are willing and able to “go the extra mile” for our clients.

Perhaps most critically: Since 2003, well over 95% of our clients have met or exceeded their annual fund campaign objectives when following our recommendation. At the end of 2016, clients of One to One Group had raised $250 million in new funds since 2003, including $40 million in calendar 2015. 

Variable Data Tools allow you to create correspondence and appeal packages that are customized for each individual donor or prospect. We write and design core packages for each segment of your constituency, but the text and images within each package are unique for each recipient. Text and images can be changed to produce unlimited numbers of unique messages.

Variable data gives your appeal letters, donor newsletters, email and pURLS (personalized URL's) greater impact and increased response rates. The look and content of your fundraising packages will communicate “one-to-one” with your individual donors. Variable data communications allow you to personalize every envelope, letter, reply device—even brochure and other inserts—as well as all forms of electronic communications. You can customize text and graphics based on each donor’s giving pattern, areas of interest, region, age and any other individual data you have captured within your donor database. Each piece will look as if it was designed and written specifically for the donor who receives it—because it was.

The pURLS we produce at One to One Group naturally become the perfect forum to showcase an inspiring video about your nonprofit. In fact, many of our clients turn to us each year to produce a video for their annual fund to be relayed via the Web. We offer video production that will take your media project from development through post production. The stories captured with video allow your donors to see how your nonprofit is making a difference and feel motivated to participate.

Variable data goes far beyond the traditional data merge. The most complex form of customization you can imagine, consisting of unlimited variations of text and images (including variations in text length and image sizes), is possible with variable data.

The bottom line for your organization is simple. Because your direct mail appeals and donor communications, be they conveyed electronically or by the USPS, will be donor-focused and personalized to the interests of each individual, your communications will be read, remembered and responded to in greater number than ever before. Additionally, with pURLS, you’ll know who is hearing you and so much more in infinite detail. With The One to One Group, your communications will no longer be broadcast driven…they will be dialogue based, allowing your donors and prospects to communicate with you in real time.

At One to One Group, we manage all aspects of the complete process for you, and unlike a typical agency, everything we do is done under our own roof giving you total control of your projects at every step along the way.

Core Competencies
  • Pre-campaign planning and establishment of a defined statement of objectives;

  • Nationally recognized, award-winning creative design elements and concepts;

  • In-depth data analysis and population segmentation;

  • Full copywriting and variable messaging development;

  • Dynamic proofing;

  • Rapid product deployment, which includes the breadth of letter-shop services and direct mail including CASS, NCOA, intelligent mail barcoding, multiple insert matched mailings, and more;

  • Donor dialogue and feedback, including client specific reporting.

Consulting Services

The most rapidly expanding division of One to One Group works specifically on Advancement Planning, Strategic Counsel, and Donor Analytics services.

In this area of specialization we provide the level of advancement planning support appropriate for your needs, helping you advance your organization’s vision and move closer to reaching your philanthropic goals.

One to One Group’s fundraising services strengthen your development programs and your ability to deliver on your mission. We guide you through all phases of the development cycle — including building the base of the annual fund, energizing major gifts and planned giving programs, and planning for a capital campaign. Our persistence and expertise match your passion. Together, we translate donor loyalty into action and dreams into achievements.

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